Transportation from the airport

There is no train between Budapest Airport and the city. To travel to the city, one of two ways is recommended.

By taxi: From September 1st, all taxis in Hungary charge 280 HUF/Km (different tariffs for waiting and traffic jams). A taxi to the centre of Pest, where the university and recommended hotels are located, should typically cost around 6500 HUF (22 EUR) depending on traffic conditions. The airport has an official taxi service, Főtaxi, which is well organised: signs on the floor lead you to the booth outside, where a taxi is ordered. You pay by cash or card to the driver. Unofficial taxi drivers can also be found at the airport, but they are of course less reliable.

By minibus: The airport shuttle is a door-to-door service, 3200 HUF (c. 11 EUR) for a single passenger to city centre, and even cheaper if you buy a return ticket. The shuttle takes eight to ten passengers, though, so you might need to wait until it fills up, and if you are among the last taken to their destination, it might take considerably longer time than a taxi.


Conference Venue

On the first day of the conference, Friday September 13, the talks will take place in the Department of Philosophy, located at Zrinyi utca 14 (utca=street). The Department is on the fourth floor. The talks on the second and third days will take place in the University’s main building, at Nádor utca 9.

View map of conference venue.


Where to eat?

The university is in the very centre of the city, and the area abounds with restaurants offering a variety of cuisines for a variety of prices. Any selection will necessarily be incomplete, based on the writer’s own partial experience. A few suggestions are found in the link below, but other places can be as nice. Cafes are marked with brown balloons, cheaper restaurants with green ones, and the more expensive with red.

These are just places around the university. The city has lots to offer by way of restaurants, cafes, pubs (especially its ruin pubs), wine bars and more. Probably we’ll find the opportunity to introduce you to some of this abundance during the conference…


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